Welcome to Beginner HTML & CSS: Build your own personal blog!

This class will introduce you to the common HTML & CSS techniques to enable you to build a great looking personal blog website. The class is ideal for beginner students looking to begin their journey into web design/development, or students looking to refresh their skills.

You will progress through this course while building a personal blog and landing page with a full page background image.

The project will introduce you to common HTML structure/elements such as images, semantic tags, headings and text elements.

Also, we will cover CSS layout, positioning, and styling to make your site look great! On top of this, we will introduce you to responsive design, while building in a mobile-first approach.

After completing this class, not only will you have a great looking personal blog website, but you will have the confidence and ability to also build other types of websites too.

That is not all though, along with your new skills, we will also leave you will use reference sheets and resources to take away to help you progress even further!

Download Full Course From Here:-                                                                           (Total Size= 1.43 GB)

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